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I am studying for a CIM in social media and would really appreciate your support with completing a survey. I can’t wait to see the results, I am trying to establish which social media platforms are the main focus, how long people have been using them, how frequently updated. Whether social media users research first and outline a clear strategy before engaging, what methodology is proving most beneficial in expanding networks and which platforms have shown the best results.
Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to hear your opinions.
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A Dream To Be A Website Creator Which Lead Advertisers Chase The Bait!

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Written By Shiramae Sepida

Once I dream to be a a programmer. Tho deeply, it’s still there. A dream maybe I can reach in my next life. I don’t know how website designers, programmers did it tho one thing for sure, they did a good job.

Creating website is seriously not that easy. Have you wonder how Facebook been made? Well, many surely eager to know how. Facebook games became a craze, I suppose because people around me been addicted to farm until they build an extraordinary cityville and now, Tetris is on the top track. Do you play tetris? I bet only few couldn’t and I’m counting myself in.

As long as there’s an interaction of people, I’d say promotion or advertisement is always there. It’s one of the factor that a website can earn with the help of traffic.

I’ve seen how Facebook upgraded to the fullest. Now…

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Facebook makes room for everyone

Financial Post | Business

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA — Despite the organized chaos of the office around him and the clattering din of jackhammers and table saws coming from outside, Mark Zuckerberg is the picture of calm.

Clad in a grey T-shirt and jeans, and sporting an easy smile, the 27-year-old founder and chief executive of Facebook Inc. appears relaxed as he wraps up a meeting. Emerging from a glass-enclosed boardroom, Mr. Zuckerberg walks quickly from one end of the floor to the other inside Building 16 on Facebook’s new sprawling campus in Menlo Park, Calif.

All around him are indicators of the rapid growth of the world’s largest social network. Walls covered in whiteboards lay out new priorities and objectives while developers and engineers pound away at their laptops, some chatting with neighbours, others sporting headphones and deadly serious facial expressions.

Then there’s the noise. Facebook’s new nine-building, 57-acre campus in the heart of…

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5 Ways to Build Relationships and Build Your Business Using Social Media

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Social media is changing the way businesses grow their business.  This is especially true for the small business owner and entrepreneur. Social media is a level playing field and using it to build your business by building relationships is something anyone can do. Even you.

Cold calling, in-your-face sales tactics, and look-how-great-I-am approaches are a dying breed.  And, might I say, “Good riddance.” Nobody wants to “be sold” anything.  But an unlimited number of people do want to buy what you have to offer.  The secret is finding out how to connect your potential buyer with your product or service.

And, believe me, if you are in business you are in sales.  No matter what your product or service, you must become a great salesperson.  The key to becoming a great salesperson today is to become great in building relationships. For this is how people come to know, like and…

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How Pinterest Can Turn Your Brand Red-Hot [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Jeremy Cabalona

If your brand isn’t on Pinterest, you could be missing out on a growing stream of potential customers.

While shaping your brand’s image on Pinterest, remember to take into account the specifics of the site’s userbase. A recent study showed that home, arts and crafts,  style/fashion and food are the most popular categories on Pinterest.  The food category is the fastest growing segment of Pinterest.

Even if your brand doesn’t directly specialize in these topics, there may be a way to include them in your brand’s boards to gain maximum exposure.  It’s also important to remember that while Pinterest’s audience is heavily female, the demographics of the site are changing.

Take a look at this infographic from web optimization company Maxymiser, and then let us know in the comments if you’re altering your plans to take advantage of the explosive growth of Pinterest.

Infographic courtesy

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