Facebook makes room for everyone

Financial Post | Business

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA — Despite the organized chaos of the office around him and the clattering din of jackhammers and table saws coming from outside, Mark Zuckerberg is the picture of calm.

Clad in a grey T-shirt and jeans, and sporting an easy smile, the 27-year-old founder and chief executive of Facebook Inc. appears relaxed as he wraps up a meeting. Emerging from a glass-enclosed boardroom, Mr. Zuckerberg walks quickly from one end of the floor to the other inside Building 16 on Facebook’s new sprawling campus in Menlo Park, Calif.

All around him are indicators of the rapid growth of the world’s largest social network. Walls covered in whiteboards lay out new priorities and objectives while developers and engineers pound away at their laptops, some chatting with neighbours, others sporting headphones and deadly serious facial expressions.

Then there’s the noise. Facebook’s new nine-building, 57-acre campus in the heart of…

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