God Turned Up Uninvited

Stories of Light

This is the first blog post I’ve ever written – and it’s come about suddenly. Writing is my passion. I need to write, whether it’s on a computer screen, in my notebook, or on the side of my daughter’s box of muesli. But not many people have read my writing – yet. Only a few people have even seen my most recent story: God Turned Up Uninvited (http://www.thefoible.com).

But their reactions surprised me.

I asked three friends to check my story before I let it loose into the world.

“It made me feel hopeful,” said one.

“It made me feel hopeless,” said the other.

“Awesome!” said a third.

How was it that the chronicle of a semi-fictional character and his relationship with his past had such different effects on three people so close to me? Is this divide something I have to look forward to as my writing career matures?…

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Unpublished but still grinning

Stories of Light


I woke up this morning, and, as I always do, immediately checked my email for good news that I have been offered a six-figure book deal. Preferably one that includes all marketing and maybe a movie option. At least worth enough that I can drop everything else and just write for the rest of my life.

But, as it always does, my inbox disappointed. A reminder from my mum that when I next go shopping I should keep in mind that some pesticides might cause Alzheimer’s, and a very promising email from a descendent of African royalty who needs to move millions of dollars into a secure account and would be happy to share his fortune with me as soon as I give him my bank account details.

6 months after I finished my novel “Something Rotten”, and still no publishing house has bought it. Even though it’s a cracker!…

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