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Just finished first day at this great event -Business Expo 2012 FREE- was a real pleasure to meet so many aspiring entrepreneurs whose enthusiasm is inspiring. Bit cold inside the arena so if you are coming down today or tomorrow wrap up – you’ll find the Rockstar Group in Workshop Hall 4  not F2 ! (Programme has it wrong.) If you are looking at business guidance and advice from experts come down, enjoy the workshop – this is a really great event. You will just love the whole buzz of the place ,the energy and great ideas you will walk away with. Eveyone in business should take a few hours out and visit.

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KISSmetrics Looks To Turn Your Customer Data Into An Interactive Infographic

All Those E-mails From Pinterest Are Very Good For This Guy

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All Those E-mails From Pinterest Are Very Good For This Guy

Julie Bort | Mar. 1, 2012, 6:48 PM | 3,700 | 3


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Business InsiderSendGrid CEO Jim Franklin

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SendGrid has sent 30 billion e-mails in the three years it’s been in business — and none of them are spam.

SendGrid is an e-mail cloud service hired by Pinterest, Foursquare, Hootsuite, Spotify, job sites, daily deal sites and many other companies.

About 40,000 Web applications use SendGrid, says its CEO — and Boulder startup icon — Jim Franklin. And none of it is spam because users sign up these e-mails, such as job openings, friend requests and the like.

Franklin says it even coaches its customers on how to do e-mail so people don’t report it as spam.

“One person sending e-mail to another is easy. But an app sending out e-mail is hard. E-mail is a problem for developers,” explains Franklin.

So it’s no surprise that SendGrid is growing at 10% monthly — it now sends out more than 3 billion emails per month — and it recently landed Microsoft Azure as a partner. SendGrid will now be the default e-mail service for any app using Microsoft’s cloud, Franklin says. New Azure developers qualify for 25,000 free e-mails a month.

The company is one of the shining stars of the blossoming Boulder startup scene. It began in Boulde

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WE’RE BLOWN AWAY: This Startup Could Literally Change The Entire Software Industry

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WE’RE BLOWN AWAY: This Startup Could Literally Change The Entire Software Industry

Julie Bort | Mar. 5, 2012, 12:00 PM | 227,602 All Those E-mails From Pinterest Are Very Good For This Guy This Stealth Startup Aims To Solve One Of The Biggest Problems With Online Gaming6 Cool Technologies That Will Change Your Life

Startup Numecent has come out of stealth mode today with some of the most impressive enterprise technology we’ve seen in a decade.

Plus the company is interesting for other reasons, like its business model and its founder.

Numecent offers something it calls “cloud paging” and, if successful, it could be a game-changer for enterprise software, video gaming, and smartphone apps. Red Hat thinks so. It has already partnered with the company to help it offer Windows software to Linux users.

“Cloud paging” instantly “cloudifies” any software, even an operating system like Windows itself, says founder and CEO Osman Kent. It lets any software, with no modification, be delivered from the cloud and run as fast or faster than if the app was on your desktop.

Lots of so-called “desktop virtualization” services work fast. But cloud-paging can even operate the cloud software if the PC gets disconnected from the network or Internet.

It can also turn a smartphone into a server. That means a bunch of devices like tablets can run the software — like a game — off of the smartphone.

Imagine showing up to a party and letting all your friends play the latest

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Entrepreneur Life 101

How many strikes of genius have you had while you were distracted with your friends company and association? Realistically I answered the own question within another question but the point is none the less important.

If you are good at one thing or enjoy another the only time you can release your innovations is by allowing yourself time to think about that niche. A prime example of innovation in solitude is any and all writers. If you are a writer you know full well what I mean about needing to be alone to think and meditate on your thoughts. The only way humanity can teach each other new things is by communication. Whether that be in the form of a book, blog, article or personal conversation. We all took at least 10-15 years of schooling and how did we learn? Books, studying, performance and teacher instruction. We also learned a…

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The Intrapreneur

Most employees feel that they have to think and act ‘big’, no matter whether the company that they’re working for is big, mid-sized or even in effect relatively small. In reality, size doesn’t matter, thinking small always works! Just because you’re not in a start-up doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t act like one: be light, nimble, and agile – in business today it’s survival of the fastest, not necessarily the fittest.

Small businesses and start-ups maintain an energy and sense of urgency – they act hungry. They play the long-game but realize that every single day counts. Chunking goals into daily targets empowers you to ask: what can we do better or differently today than we did yesterday? It ensures that you focus in on the levers at a micro level that will ultimately drive you towards your goals at a macro level. A daily focus let’s you see what’s…

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Great advice, it’s easy to be harder on yourself than you would be on others.

I’ve found writting lists of weekly goals and ticking as completed. Adding on the extra things you’ve incorporated that other blogs and the like have inspired you to try.

I realise on review I have accomplished more than I thought which is always encouraging.

Linda C Ridenour

Once you’ve determined what your strengths are it’s important to be patient with yourself.  Show yourself the same respect you would provide others who are striving to make improvements.


Be kind to yourself.  The entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a sprint.  Consistent effort on an ongoing basis will help you achieve your goals.  Let your conversations with yourself be filled with humor, encouragement and acceptance.


Put yourself in the company of others who are proven leaders and who will inspire you.  Rely on their words of encouragement to bolster your confidence and make the journey more enjoyable.  Learn from them as they excel.  Choose to emulate the habits and attitudes of success they display.


Hold yourself accountable.  Schedule at least two hours a day for income producing activities.  Allow yourself uninterrupted time for these activities in order to be more creative and productive.


Have fun!…

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