New Internet Marketing Packages Available from Startersphere

Top UK Internet marketing agency, Startersphere announces new Internet Marketing Packages starting at only £195 a month. As a full service agency, Startersphere incorporates social media management, SEO and internet marketing designed to get businesses attention through search engine ranking and social interaction. The company seeks to provide service and insight for their clients in all aspects of online exposure.

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The Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

The Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization

by Krista LaRiviere, April 23, 2012

8 Comments •Text Link Ads Much has changed in the SEO landscape and the practice of search optimization over the past year – from the ongoing Panda and Freshness updates to the introduction of Google+ and Search Plus Your World. Then Google started encrypting a vast majority of keywords referred from organic search, and now Google has indicated that websites guilty of “over optimization” are on their radar.

If you’re a marketer you must be thinking, “How do I know if we are maximizing our SEO investment given all the changes Google has introduced?” If you’re an SEO or marketing consultant, you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I sell my services and prove value to my clients?”

Although a lot has changed, two aspects of SEO remain certain:

SEO isn’t dead, nor will it die in the foreseeable future. Billions of marketing dollars are invested every year into “being found” organically in the search engines and this trend will continue. With more than a billion Google searches performed worldwide every day, SEO isn’t going away.

The way we perform and measure SEO has to change and is changing. Blatantly building out backlinks and optimizing on-site content isn’t enough. Measuring only rank and position isn’t enough either. Today organic search is about fresh, relevant, findable, optimized content that generates leads.

A New Theory: The Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization

The idea of building out a hierarchy of web presence optimization (WPO) comes from the belief that basic fundamentals are required before organic search success can be achieved. The purpose is to

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Mobify launches tablet optomisation tool for websites


Tablets are finding their way into more homes, and they’re proving to be quite the ecommerce tool, helping boost sales for many retailers better than desktop and smartphones in some cases. But many big sites aren’t optimized for tablets; instead, relying on native tablet apps or just the regular desktop site.

Mobify, a Vancouver, Canada-based startup, is betting that companies are prepared to optimize their websites for tablet use in much the same way many have modified their sites to be consumed on smartphones. The company, which already helps optimize 20,000 websites for mobile phone usage, is releasing a tablet-optimization product that makes it easy for a site to convert to a more tablet-friendly design. Mobify joins other HTML5 publishing solutions like OnSwipe and Pressly that are helping websites optimize for tablets.

The Mobify tablet product simplifies the layout, reduces load times, optimizes text and introduces a gesture-based UI. Sites…

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The Google Plus One Button And How It Helps Your SEO Rank

SoshiTech -

There sure has been a load of talk over the Google Plus project, although not as much recently, but how much does their new ‘Plus One Button’ boost a websites SEO rank?

Website like Mashable (see here) proclaim the plus one button has an “indirect effect on your site’s search rank.”

While we are not quite sure why they would use the word ‘indirect’ we do know the button has a positive and long lasting effect on any website.

The same way the twitter tweet button files your tweets in twitters search index; Google works the exact same way. Well, we should not say exact because these are two different networks but they are similar nonetheless.

The number of plus ones is not as important as the quality of each plus one you receive. With this being said, the more plus ones you receive; the more likely you are to…

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