Startersphere’s Marketing Network

Startersphere's Marketing Network

Startersphere’s Marketing Network

I have started a marketing network on Facebook and would like to invite you to join.

Startersphere’s marketing network is a great place to promote your business and meet like-minded business people.

The network also offers a Facebook like exchange and to encourage mutual support within the group there is a competition running. To win you need to be very proactive in your support of the group by liking others Facebook pages, sharing others posts, inviting new members and generally supporting other members.

Click the link below and start promoting your business:

3 Responses to Startersphere’s Marketing Network

    • My apologies for not responding before. I have just found your post in my spam folder. Thank you David. I am still working on my self hosted website/blog on
      I could really do with your professional advice on a few issues.

      Thank you as well for taking part in the survey. I only realised after I saw you the other day as you had done it about four days after I had compiled the analysis.

      Your responses were the same as the majority by the way. The analsis is on here if you wish to see it.

      Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

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