The Intrapreneur

Most employees feel that they have to think and act ‘big’, no matter whether the company that they’re working for is big, mid-sized or even in effect relatively small. In reality, size doesn’t matter, thinking small always works! Just because you’re not in a start-up doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t act like one: be light, nimble, and agile – in business today it’s survival of the fastest, not necessarily the fittest.

Small businesses and start-ups maintain an energy and sense of urgency – they act hungry. They play the long-game but realize that every single day counts. Chunking goals into daily targets empowers you to ask: what can we do better or differently today than we did yesterday? It ensures that you focus in on the levers at a micro level that will ultimately drive you towards your goals at a macro level. A daily focus let’s you see what’s…

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