Great advice, it’s easy to be harder on yourself than you would be on others.

I’ve found writting lists of weekly goals and ticking as completed. Adding on the extra things you’ve incorporated that other blogs and the like have inspired you to try.

I realise on review I have accomplished more than I thought which is always encouraging.

Linda C Ridenour

Once you’ve determined what your strengths are it’s important to be patient with yourself.  Show yourself the same respect you would provide others who are striving to make improvements.


Be kind to yourself.  The entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a sprint.  Consistent effort on an ongoing basis will help you achieve your goals.  Let your conversations with yourself be filled with humor, encouragement and acceptance.


Put yourself in the company of others who are proven leaders and who will inspire you.  Rely on their words of encouragement to bolster your confidence and make the journey more enjoyable.  Learn from them as they excel.  Choose to emulate the habits and attitudes of success they display.


Hold yourself accountable.  Schedule at least two hours a day for income producing activities.  Allow yourself uninterrupted time for these activities in order to be more creative and productive.


Have fun!…

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