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Founder:Sem and Pieter

Funding target:£ 10,000

Days Left:24

Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands


Reference number:P 329

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CityHub is opening its first pilot location in Amsterdam!!! For this we need the help of new generation travellers. Your pledges allow us to further develop the HUB and create CityHub Beta, a fully operational mini hotel, in our own apartment in the centre of Amsterdam. This pilot version will contain four Hubs, a nice lounge area and already makes use of our interactive platform. The lounge will be decorated in CityHub’s warm, hip and informal style, where you will find us as your host. To reward you for your support we invite you to come over and experience CityHub. HELP FUND CITYHUB and see what stuff we offer in return!! To find out more about CityHub read below!





1. The amounts presented are in UK Pounds. A pound equals about 1,20 Euro.

2. To support our project you need to make a Crowdfunder account. Be aware that when you deposit money on your account, it has not necesarily been assigned to a pitch yet #when a pitch has been funded, you will receive a confirmation email#.

3. For those who don’t have a creditcard or

via Spend a night in a Hub at CityHub Beta – Crowdfunder.

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