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I guess my idea of a good audience is one that’s quiet and listens, but also that’s alive: they respond, they’re getting the jokes, they’re with me. And that’ s been happening.
Dan Hicks

A while back I got a new perspective (for me at least) on Twitter.

In the past, I use to belabor posting. So much concern for what to say, whether it was right for my followers, whether it stayed in line with my bio, yada, yada, yada (that word is harder to type than you’d think!)

At any rate, I was so wrong. While I did engage with those who responded to my posts, it was still a one-way street and I wasn’t “getting it.” I wasn’t being a good audience.

I have abandoned posting mostly. Now I mostly follow the stream and comment on others’ posts.

I also am into a few Tweetchats. I had…

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