I’m A Startup — Why Am I Being Inundated With Cloud Providers?


Editor’s note:Robert Scoble is Rackspace’s Startup Liaison and a blogger. Follow him on Twitter @scobleizer.

Over the past few weeks, when I’ve visited several startup incubators from Stanford’s Start X, to Los Angeles’ Start Engine, to the NewMe Accelerator, I have noticed many cloud computing companies hoping to get these startups to choose them.

Some of the cloud computing companies are throwing tons of goodies at these startup incubators or accelerators. Rackspace, where I work, sponsors startups at Techstars, Founder’s Den, and other places where startups congregate.


Well, when I worked in retail I noticed something: Lots of people bought Nikon cameras because that was the brand that the pros used. When I eventually got to go to where the pros were, like at the World Series or the Olympics, I noticed that Nikon often handed out free gear.

Today we’re seeing the same…

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2 Responses to I’m A Startup — Why Am I Being Inundated With Cloud Providers?

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